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Want a Boston Boutique Hotel?
Here are the Top Picks

Looking for recommendations on a top Boston boutique hotel? I'm right there with you. There is something about returning to your Boston boutique hotel after a long deay that feels like coming home... but better.

A bed at the Eliot Hotel Boston A bed at the Eliot Hotel Boston

A luxury boutique hotel generally feels less like a commercial space than it does a private club or the large, well-staffed home of a very rich friend. Boutique hotels in Boston Mass are often smaller than their luxury counterparts, with a more intimate, private mood and a strong design sensibility.

Walking into your room, you keep thinking of what beckoned you as you passed through the lobby: inviting wingbacks by the fireplace, a small group of people laughing in a cozy, twinkly bar, the slightly buzzy, yet relaxed vibe. You can't help but look forward to heading back downstairs, sinking into an empty chair, opening a magazine, and having a drink.

Like their rooms, the public spaces of a Boston boutique hotel – foyer, bar, restaurant – are beautifully arranged and generally hold their own against standalone establishments of the same kind. The restaurants and bars at these kinds of hotels are designed not as acceptable fallbacks for guests who need a handy spot for a drink or dinner, but as sought-out destinations unto themselves. And Boston boutique hotels generally offer all of the same services of their larger luxury counterparts. Check out the boutique portion of my Boston hotel reviews and see for yourself.

The entry to the Eliot Hotel Boston The entry to the Eliot Hotel Boston

Happily, this city has a healthy representation of luxury boutique hotels. Here are a few I know you'll love.

(And also word of advice for a complaint I've heard often: at many of these boutique hotels, if you expect a coffee maker in your room, and sometimes even a refrigerator, you'll generally have to specifically request them.)

Eliot Hotel
The Eliot Hotel Boston combines tradition and history with modern boutique style. I happen to be partial to boutique hotels with super modern lines and design, but that approach can make it difficult to convey a connection to a particular place. One of the remarkable things about the Eliot is the balance it strikes between modern design and blue blood history... Click here to read more about the Eliot

Onyx Hotel
The Onyx Hotel Boston is one of the best kept secrets – and most beloved boutique hotels – in town. This is a place where you can immerse yourself in bold, playful, chic design without breaking the bank. Style, location, service, and wallet-friendly prices: the Onyx has them all... Click here to read more about the Onyx

Lenox Hotel
The Lenox Hotel Boston is a small pearl of a boutique hotel in Back Bay. You'll know you've found something special the moment you enter its lobby. Walking into the Lenox's beautiful marble and wood-paneled reception area feels like being welcomed into a warm embrace. It's eye candy, beautiful, warm and inviting... Click here to read more about the Lenox

Hotel Commonwealth
If you've ever wondered what a luxury boutique hotel run with military precision might look like (haven't we all?), you'll have a good idea after spending just one night at the Hotel Commonwalth. This is the boutique hotel would-be visitors to Boston ask me about the most... Click here to read more about the Hotel Commonwealth

Back Bay Hotel
When you visit Boston, where can you find a luxury boutique hotel with a deluxe minimalist design approach and a location that will allow you to get to most Boston attractions and business destinations easily on foot?... Click here to read more about the Back Bay Hotel

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